Welcome Christine

November 2020

Christine Luza recently joined Mamow Ahyamowen to lead and assist with writing a research paper for the partnership based on the results from the mortality analysis.

Ahneen, whachay, and respectful greetings, my name is Christine Luza and I am very excited to support the Mamow Ahyamowen Partnership. I am an Anishinaabe woman whose Indigenous ancestry is rooted in Manitoulin Island, Ontario. 

As a researcher and community member, I have committed my life to the resurgence and recovery of Indigenous knowledge, and to restoring Indigenous women, children and families within a web of right relations, balance and health, also known within the Anishinaabe worldview as mino-bimaadiiziiwin. I hold a strong commitment to Indigenous research methods, Indigenous community development, and I hold an unwavering belief in the power of action research, community based research, and Indigenous health research to transform, heal and enhance the quality of life for Indigenous communities, families, and nations.

I hold ten years of experience in working in Indigenous organizations and communities. I have worked within managerial roles in several Indigenous organizations in Toronto and gained strong project management skills. In my community, I have strived to serve the needs of urban Indigenous families, children, youth, and the broader community by working in traditional practices and learning about traditional ways of living. I have seven years of experience in working in Indigenous research and have an undergraduate and masters degree in Indigenous Studies from Trent University.

Recently, I have acted as an expert witness on Indigenous issues to the Canadian Senate. I have experience in Indigenous advocacy at the United Nations. I have lectured extensively on topics related to Indigenous education and worked as an educator for more than 6000 peoples, including a recent lecture at the Art Gallery of Ontario. I have been featured recently in a CBC news article about my experiences testifying at the Canadian Senate.

I am grateful to support the Mamow Ahyamowen Partnership, and I cannot wait to continue in this journey together, and to be a part of bringing together all of the voices and to work together to advance northern Indigenous health. Aho meegwetch. Thank you for the opportunity to join this partnership and team.

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