Mission, Vision, Values

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When we formed our alliance in 2016, we spent some time thinking about what we wanted to achieve together, how we wanted to work together, and the shared values that brought us together. The vision, mission, and values we generated have guided our work since our alliance was formed.


To be a trusted Northern voice providing the health information our communities need to achieve health equity.


We are First Nations communities, Tribal Councils and Health Authorities in Northern Ontario who follow a culturally respectful path to use available data resources so we can share meaningful information to support evidence-based decision making for health and wellbeing.

Principles and Values

  • OCAP®: We recognize the importance of the First Nations principles of Ownership, Control, Access and Possession and we will act in accordance with these principles.
  • Respect: Data represent people’s stories. We will treat these stories with respect. This includes being respectful of privacy and being respectful of how reports are developed and disseminated.
  • Accountable: We work for the First Nations that make up our alliance. We are accountable to their leadership and our decision making will be guided by their needs and priorities.
  • Innovative: We recognize that the information management status quo for Northern First Nations is unacceptable. We will explore new ways of producing meaningful information for our communities.
  • Collaborative: We will work together in a strong partnership. We will also seek out key organizations that we can collaborate with to bring meaningful information to our communities.
  • Credible: We will be a trusted source of health information. This means that we apply rigorous and objective methods in our work and we produce high quality products that First Nations leaders can confidently use to inform their decision making.

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