Progress Update

December 2022

The Steering Committee continues to look ahead at its work and data initiatives. Below are some of the items that Mamow Ahyamowen has been working on:

  • Support Staff met with Steering Committee members in autumn to discuss Knowledge Sharing needs. These meetings allowed staff to ask questions about how organizations used findings from the mortality analysis and to start crafting a Knowledge Translation plan for the upcoming analyses.
  • Support Staff are preparing to take training with Joe Travers to learn more about a data visualization software called Power BI. The training will help them create easy-to-read reports for the upcoming analyses. Mamow Ahyamowen opened the online training sessions to Steering Committee members and others within their organizations to strengthen regional capacity.
  • Two analyses (chronic diseases, mental health & addictions) have received approvals from Privacy at ICES and are moving on to the next step. We continue to work on the analyses with content experts and their teams, and we hope to share preliminary data with the Steering Committee by late spring next year.
  • Mamow Ahyamowen continues to host Privacy Q&A sessions every two weeks with Morgan Privacy Consulting. These sessions provide staff from our organizations with opportunities to ask questions about privacy-related topics specific to their needs. Often, themes of processes and awareness come up. To help share this information with the broader Steering Committee, Morgan Privacy has started emailing bite-size musings to organizations that can then be disseminated to communities.

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