Progress Update

December 2021

The pandemic continues to be top of mind for Partners, and they are working hard to coordinate vaccines for children. Behind the scenes, Mamow Ahyamowen continues to move forward. Below are just a few items:

  • Mamow Ahyamowen is planning an online Youth Engagement Session in early 2022. The focus will be on the importance of data for regions and communities, and Mamow Ahyamowen wants to know what research areas are important to youth. More details to follow in January 2022.
  • We continue to engage communities in an opt-in process to determine which communities would like to participate in the upcoming three analyses: mental health and addictions, injuries and chronic diseases. We have 65 out of 78 approvals to date, and we are hopeful to start the first analysis in early 2022.
  • David Morgan continues to provide the Q&A Privacy Coffee Chat sessions. These drop-in sessions are half an hour long and are available to partners and communities served by Mamow Ahyamowen.  It is an open forum for anyone who has questions regarding privacy.

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