Knowledge Sharing – Presentation at the Indigenous Health Conference

December 2020

In late 2019, Mamow Ahyamowen prepared and submitted an abstract to present the results from the recent mortality analysis at the University of Toronto Indigenous Health Conference.

The conference was scheduled for May 2020 and was going to be held in Niagara Falls (Onguiaahra), Ontario. Due to the pandemic, organizers postponed the conference to December 2020 and shifted delivery to a digital format.

Marilyn McLeod, Health Director from MoCreebec Eeyoud and Dr. Jen Walker, presented the key findings from the analysis in a presentation titled: The Right to Retire: Mortality experience of 59 First Nations in Northern Ontario.

The objectives of the presentation were to:

  1. identify the causes of death and the chronic conditions present at the time of death and
  2. describe why regional statistics can lead to poor decision making.

There were great questions from the participants, and Marilyn discussed how the results from the report have helped with program planning for her community. Presenting the information at the Indigenous Health Conference provided an opportunity to share the results of this groundbreaking work with a broader audience.

Miigwech (many thanks) to both Marilyn and Jen for sharing this important information at the fourth biennial Indigenous Health Conference.

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