Mamow Ahyamowen Reports

The first analysis Mamow Ahyamowen has completed is focused on mortality and the chronic conditions present at the time of death. These are some of the most universally recognized indicators of the health status. This is the first time that many of the 59 participating First Nations have ever had access to their own data on mortality and the chronic conditions present at the time of death.

In addition to the Partnership level report, Mamow Ahyamowen has produced partner level reports for each individual partner as well as community level reports for the participating communities. Communities and partners decide how and with whom they wish to share their reports.

Three partner organizations have decided to post their reports online. To see their reports, visit the websites of Maamwesying North Shore Community Health Services, the Sioux Lookout First Nations Health Authority and the Weeneebayko Area Health Authority.

Mamow Ahyamowen also completed and produced the Learning From our Ancestors – Companion Report. This report complements the partnership level mortality report and shows anonymous community-level data for the various indicators examined in the first analysis. The overall partnership level report and companion report are available at the links below.

First Nations Data Initiatives

There is some great work being done on First Nations data initiatives by other groups. We see Mamow Ahyamowen as one important part of a complete health information system for First Nations. The complete system requires sustained support for local, Provincial, and Federal data initiatives as well as First Nations-led health research. Mamow Ahyamowen is focused on providing local and regional health information in Northern Ontario. Other complementary data initiatives are described below.